Huck Finn

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DALLA LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS, la recensione di una biografia di Arthur Miller, Back to Reality
David Edgar
Arthur Miller: A Life by Martin Gottfried | Faber, 484 pp, £25.00

In his 1987 autobiography, Arthur Miller tells of a conversation with a Kentucky farmer about the Holy Ghost. Pressed to give a definition of the most mysterious element in the Trinity, the farmer replied: 'I figure it's sort of an oblong blur.' In a later interview, Miller used the same phrase to describe the political mood of the late 1970s: 'We were living in what to me was a kind of oblong blur. There was simply no definition to the society.' At a stretch, the metaphor could also stand for the conventional view of Miller's career: a sturdy quartet of well-carpentered plays that caught the spirit of mid-century America, followed by a long, increasingly unfocused, foggy tail. Rejected in his own country, the one-time toast of Broadway has finally to rely for validation on the subsidised theatre in England.


Le seduzione di W.G. Sebald
W.G. SEBALD, Vertigini, trad. di Ada Vigliani, Milano, Adelphi, pp. 230, €15,00