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...i libri dovrebbero stare incustoditi nei posti pubblici e spostarsi insieme ai passanti che se li portano dietro per un poco, e dovrebbero morire come loro consumati dai malanni, infetti, affogati gi? da un ponte insieme ai suicidi, ficcati in una stufa d'inverno, strappati dai bambini per farne barchette. Insomma ovunque dovrebbero morire, tranne che di noia e di propriet? privata, condannati a vita in uno scaffale.

Erri De Luca
Tre cavalli" Arts & Entertainment | Philip Roth: The Zuckerman books: "Philip Roth: The Zuckerman books
Over 21 years, eight novels and 2,200 pages, the titan of American writing has published the most ambitious literary series of our time."

Atlantic Unbound | Politics & Prose | 2001.03.08: "Philip Roth's recently completed trilogy of novels about America offers a vision of paradise lost ---::::
You don't read Philip Roth. He reads you. He tears up your map of the normal, replacing it with one compassed by that rude honorific 'reality.' In the trilogy of novels he completed last year, American Pastoral (1997), I Married a Communist (1998), and The Human Stain (2000), he gives you the inside story, the self, you, your fears, shames, betrayals, hungers, and the disguises that mask them"

The Tyranny of Copyright?: "ast fall, a group of civic-minded students at Swarthmore College received a sobering lesson in the future of political protest. They had come into possession of some 15,000 e-mail messages and memos -- presumably leaked or stolen -- from Diebold Election Systems, the largest maker of electronic voting machines in the country. "


FORWARD : "When the Tigris Burned and the Euphrates Ran Red - A New Book Chronicles America's Response to the Armenian Genocide":


Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Tales of the unexpected: "The idea of the self as something wholly constructed out of the narratives we create about our lives has become a staple across the humanities. But it's utter nonsense, says Galen Strawson, considering Making Stories by Jerome Bruner "