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don Chisciotte, sempre il più bello - Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | The knight in the mirror: "Don Quixote - the first modern novel - remains the finest. As a new translation of the Spanish classic is published, Harold Bloom argues that only Shakespeare comes close to Cervantes' genius."


Fear of Book Assasination Haunts Bibliophile: "Fear of Book Assasination Haunts Bibliophile"


Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | UNA DELLE STORIE PIU' AFFASCNANTI USCITE DALLA GRANDE GUERRA - A cry of: waiter! And the fighting stopped: "A new German book reveals fresh details about the day peace broke out

Luke Harding in Berlin
Tuesday November 11, 2003
The Guardian

A new book by a German historian last night cast fresh light on one of the most extraordinary episodes of the first world war and revealed that the celebrated 1914 Christmas truce took place only because many of the Germans stationed on the front had worked in England.

The book, Der Kleine Frieden im Grossen Krieg, or The Small Peace in the Big War, shows that the German and British soldiers who famously played football with each other in no man's land on Christmas Day 1914 didn't always have a ball. Instead, they improvised. On certain sections of the front, soldiers kicked around a lump of straw tied together with string, or even an empty jam box."


I SERVIZI DI METASEARCH E LE RICERCHE IN BIBLIOTECA: "Trumping Google? Metasearching's Promise
By Judy Luther -- 10/1/2003
Metasearch promises to give patrons one-stop access to the many and various resources at the heart of the library digital collection
We know it's true—library patrons prefer Google. Usability studies conducted by both librarians and vendors repeatedly confirm that today's library users start with Google to answer their questions—and they often finish there." - Rwanda genocide journalists sentenced - Dec. 4, 2003: "NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Two Rwandan journalists were jailed for life and a third was sentenced to 35 years Wednesday for fanning the flames of a 1994 genocide that killed an estimated 800,000 people, a U.N. tribunal spokesman said."