Huck Finn

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Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | In the knight's footsteps In the first of a series on the European novel, Julian Evans traces the influence of Don Quixote

Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Words for weapons In his series on the European novel, Julian Evans considers Hungary and the Balkans
Saturday August 24, 2002
The Guardian
If, in 1919, Hungary had fallen conclusively to Béla Kun's short-lived Soviet Republic, its history would have been different: much like that of neighbouring Ukraine, falling to the Bolsheviks a year later, then gutted to within an inch of its survival.

LRB | Murray Sayle : Bloody Sunday Report On the night of 30 January 1972, Murray Sayle was sent by the Sunday Times to Londonderry to report on the fatal shooting of 14 unarmed civil rights marchers by British Army Paratroopers. The article he wrote diverged from the official line; it was never printed. Twenty-six years later, his lost copy was unearthed by the new Inquiry. In what follows, he returns to Derry to give evidence. His original article is reproduced in full, along with a map marking the locations of the dead and wounded, and a memo Sayle wrote to the editor of the Sunday Times when the article failed to appear.

LRB | Hugh Pennington : Smallpox Scares After two or three days of illness, pains of extraordinary severity develop. The head feels as though the skull is opening and shutting. Excruciating backache feels like the bones grinding together. There is complete prostration but also persistent sleeplessness and an unnatural clearness of intellect - as though none of these sufferings should be missed. The breath has a sickly odour, 'unique in the catalogue of nasty smells' according to T.F. Ricketts's Diagnosis of Smallpox (1908) - Ricketts was medical superintendent of the Smallpox Hospitals and River Ambulance Service of the Metropolitan Asylums Board. The haemorrhagic rash matures on the tenth day; death occurs about this time.


Document Details Bosnia’s war of memory
Alix Kroeger
A decade after the Bosnian war began, both the mourning and the rebuilding continue. Even as bullets are turned into biros, the wounds of Sarajevo and Srebrenica are a long way from healing. In Bosnia, it is not only the present that is unsettled, but also the past. (long)


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | E-mail It would be hard to find a more appropriate metaphor for the rise and fall of the Palestinian Authority than Jericho's casino

The Atlantic | September 2002 | The Bilbao Effect | Rybczynski Frank O. Gehry's Bilbao Guggenheim is equally iconoclastic. With its ballooning shapes and titanium swirls, its colliding forms and unusual spaces, it has been described variously as a "postrationalist vision," an "inter-galactic spaceship," and a "titanium artichoke."

The Atlantic Online | Flashbacks | Elvis One More Time wenty-five years after his death, Elvis Presley still retains a strong presence in American popular consciousness. Shrines to him abound, "Elvis sightings" are still occasionally reported, and contemporary musicians continue to draw inspiration from his distinctive musical and personal style. In the years since his death, two Atlantic contributors have looked back at Elvis and his music, offering insight into who Elvis was, and what Americans saw in him

The Atlantic Online | Flashbacks | Sacco and Vanzetti Seventy-five years ago today Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian-born anarchists living in Boston, were executed for allegedly murdering two men during a 1920 bank robbery. The controversial verdict at the end of their six-year-long trial incited international protest—the evidence seemed to point away from Sacco and Vanzetti, and it was clear that both the judge and jury were prejudiced against immigrants with radical political beliefs. - Edición Impresa - El PARAÍSO PERDIDO DE LORCA En el corazón de la Vega, la fértil comarca de Granada que baña el río Genil, nació y pasó su infancia el poeta y autor dramático. Hoy, este paisaje de huertos y pueblos olorosos donde encontró inspiración para sus obras corre el riesgo de desaparecer herido por las autovías y los excesos urbanísticos.