Huck Finn

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The Plot Thickeners (
Brand-Name Authors Hire Writers to Flesh Out Their Bare-Bones Stories


The New York Review of Books: Proust Regained
Marcel Proust was unusual in this as well: he turned every moment, from the most rarefied to the most ordinary, into an occasion for boundless introspection. He took the private temperament and mental habits of someone accustomed to prolonged solitude and applied them to the world around him, giving, as would become his signature, an internal mold to anything external. Everything, he discovered, from tea biscuits to stewed chicken to asparagus when they were in season, or from the very first stirrings of jealousy when a lover isn't even aware he's being cheated on down to the early morning streets with their telltale sounds that it rained all night--everything cried out to be looked at from the inside.


We've Got More Risk Than Our Brains Can Handle ( Risk is ubiquitous. Each of us is born with a life expectancy, and like it or not we play the odds every day. Numbers can be put on the risks we face from cradle to grave, but it is not possible to play life strictly by the numbers. That is why each of us, in responding to risk, makes personal decisions based not simply on quantitative measures but on qualitative interpretations as well. We party on arsenic-impregnated decks. We play golf in thunderstorms.