Huck Finn

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The New York Review of Books: The Razor's Edge Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul -Knopf, 211 pp., $24.00. To be released in early 2002. - Ancora una recensione dell'ultimo romanzo del neo premio Nobel per la letteratura. ...This is Naipaul's briskly materialist account of how a Brahmin ethos of self-denial and fatalism, an ethos that scorned individual enterprise and hard work, gained the high ground in India. In Naipaul's story, a nineteenth-century Brahmin named Chandran has the gumption to break out of the system. He saves his pennies, journeys to the nearest big town—the capital of one of the "independent" backwater states in British India—and gets a job as a clerk in the maharajah's palace. His son continues the climb of the family through the ranks of the civil service. All seems well: the Chandrans have found a safe niche for themselves, and they no longer have to mortify their bodies either. La recensione è di J. M. Coetzee -