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Untitled Document I'd Like to Force the World to Sing - The Making of a Yes Generation.
...OK was "developed," as they say in the business, by Coca-Cola marketing chief Sergio Zyman, the same man who'd developed the "brainwater" Fruitopia, at around the time that Kristol was making his appeal to youthful iconoclasm in the pages of Commentary. In 1994, OK was introduced into nine strategically selected hotbeds of youth ferment, including Boston, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and of course Austin and Seattle; it was yanked from the market only a few months later. But wait, back up: brainwater? If you've always wondered about the inexplicable popularity of "smart drinks" in the early Nineties, wonder no longer. Remember: It was the CIA which, by experimenting on college students in an effort to develop mind-control drugs, inadvertently introduced LSD into the counterculture. In the Nineties, Kristol and his allies in the CIA simply found a way to perform the trick in reverse. In their impossible quest to conjure up a cadre of conservative youth who'd rebel against a Sixties they'd never known, Kristol and Co., the theory maintains, conspired to dose Generation X with the concentrated essence of what they called "OK-ness."


The New York Review of Books: The Razor's Edge Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul -Knopf, 211 pp., $24.00. To be released in early 2002. - Ancora una recensione dell'ultimo romanzo del neo premio Nobel per la letteratura. ...This is Naipaul's briskly materialist account of how a Brahmin ethos of self-denial and fatalism, an ethos that scorned individual enterprise and hard work, gained the high ground in India. In Naipaul's story, a nineteenth-century Brahmin named Chandran has the gumption to break out of the system. He saves his pennies, journeys to the nearest big town—the capital of one of the "independent" backwater states in British India—and gets a job as a clerk in the maharajah's palace. His son continues the climb of the family through the ranks of the civil service. All seems well: the Chandrans have found a safe niche for themselves, and they no longer have to mortify their bodies either. La recensione è di J. M. Coetzee -


Naipaul's Latest Parable of Dislocation Half a Life," the fierce new novel by V. S. Naipaul, the new Nobel laureate, is one of those rare books that stands as both a small masterpiece in its own right and as a potent distillation of the author's work to date, a book that recapitulates all his themes of exile, postcolonial confusion, third world angst, and filial love and rebellion while recounting with uncommon elegance and acerbity the story of the coming of age of its hero, Willie Chandran.

la Repubblica: Scenari di una guerra globale Scenari di una guerra globale - Le idee - di UMBERTO ECO


3 Americans Awarded Nobel for Economics Three American economists were awarded the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science yesterday for their pioneering research in the shortcomings and imperfections of market systems. Lettura notevole per chi non osteggia il mercato in linea di principio e comunque non lo venera al punto da crederlo perfetto e infallibile.


Scorsese Pays Tribute to Italian Cinema By STEPHEN HOLDEN - to watch "Il Mio Viaggio in Italia," Martin Scorsese's monumental introduction to postwar Italian cinema, is to be indelibly reminded of how much movies can matter. The four-hour film is a sequel of sorts to this director's comparably sweeping 1995 television documentary, "A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies." It's no exaggeration to say that watching both films will forever change and deepen the way you look at cinema. Il film è stato presentato il 12 ottobre al New York Film Festival. La recensione arriva dal New York Times.


The Clash of Ignorance by EDWARD W. SAID
This is the problem with unedifying labels like Islam and the West: They mislead and confuse the mind, which is trying to make sense of a disorderly reality that won't be pigeonholed or strapped down as easily as all that. I remember interrupting a man who, after a lecture I had given at a West Bank university in 1994, rose from the audience and started to attack my ideas as "Western," as opposed to the strict Islamic ones he espoused. "Why are you wearing a suit and tie?" was the first retort that came to mind. "They're Western too." He sat down with an embarrassed smile on his face, but I recalled the incident when information on the September 11 terrorists started to come in: how they had mastered all the technical details required to inflict their homicidal evil on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the aircraft they had commandeered. Where does one draw the line between "Western" technology and, as Berlusconi declared, "Islam's" inability to be a part of "modernity"? - da The Nation


Partisan Review Fundamentalism - hundreds of books and articles have been published over the last two decades upbraiding the West for profoundly misunderstanding the revival of political Islam and of fundamentalism, to use the common but not very precise term. They all accuse it of failing to appreciate the intrinsic value of Islamic ideas, its deeply democratic and peaceful essence, and of describing it as an irrational reaction to modernity and a major threat to Western civilization.


la Repubblica/mondo: Le guerre sante passione e ragione di UMBERTO ECO Tutte le guerre di religione che hanno insanguinato il mondo per secoli sono nate da adesioni passionali a contrapposizioni semplicistiche, come Noi e gli Altri, buoni e cattivi, bianchi e neri.


The New York Review of Books: The Deadlocked City By Amos Elon - riflessione del grande scrittore israeliano sul conflitto per Gerusalemme al margine della pubblicazione di un nuovo studio: Divided Jerusalem: The Struggle for the Holy City by Bernard Wasserstein Yale University Press, 412 pp., $29.95

The New York Review of Books: The Terror The Bush administration has declared "war" against terrorism, suddenly shocked into realizing that it is now the foremost danger to America's national security. The administration has not yet defined this war, although a head of steam is building for military action. Armed force, however, while politically popular, is usually an ineffective and often counterproductive weapon against terror. Before acting, the US would be wise to construct a more sophisticated strategy. This should include strengthening traditional methods of counterterrorism, while reserving the use of force as a limited option. But a new national security strategy must also include a broader foreign policy that moves away from unilateralism and toward closer engagement with other governments, and that deals not just with the symptoms but with the roots of terrorism, broadly defined. The catastrophe of September 11 could give powerful momentum to such changes.


The New Yorker WHAT WENT WRONG - The C.I.A. and the failure of American intelligence.
by SEYMOUR M. HERSH Issue of 2001-10-08 Posted 2001-10-01
After more than two weeks of around-the-clock investigation into the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the American intelligence community remains confused, divided, and unsure about how the terrorists operated, how many there were, and what they might do next. It was that lack of solid information, government officials told me, that was the key factor behind the Bush Administration's decision last week not to issue a promised white paper listing the evidence linking Osama bin Laden's organization to the attacks.

la Repubblica: I crimini del fondamentalismo LE IDEE - di WOLE SOYINKA
DURANTE una conferenza promossa a Praga da Vaclav Havel tre anni fa per contemplare il nuovo secolo, misi in guardia dai pericoli del fanatismo religioso, da quelli che hanno "rivelazioni esclusive" che cercano di applicare universalmente, da "questo altro furioso, intollerante, apocalittico che preferirebbe annientare il mondo piuttosto che condividerne il potenziale".

Corriere della Sera - Edicola «Qui è sepolto un angelo, il suo nome è Massud» di ETTORE MO Nell'Afghanistan degli anti talebani orfani del Leone del Panshir.