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27.6.01 Technology | Assimilating the Web ...we know in our guts that control of the Web is concentrating at an alarming rate. As the carcasses of independent Web start-ups litter the landscape, the once-wild online free-for-all is rapidly devolving into a showdown between AOL and Microsoft. AOL controls the subscriber lists and a huge chunk of the content; Microsoft controls the consumer operating system and browser. Anarchy? No way -- this is a bipolar Cold War, waged with software standards and lawsuits and marketing blitzes


JASON EPSTEIN: Reading: The Digital Future JASON EPSTEIN, un'autorità nel mondo delle teorie della lettura e delle innovazioni che ne permettano la diffusione dice la sua sul libro e la digitalizzazione.


Boston Review Capture the Moment - On the uses and misuses of photojournalism.


Law Enforcement Bookstore. Associato ad e specializzato in libri per le forze dell'ordine.True Crime 100 - 200


Granta: Interview: Sven Lindqvist Interview: Sven Lindqvist - Sven Lindqvist is one of Sweden's most interesting and innovative writers, fast building a cult following for his unorthodox and fiercely moral works of cultural history. Lindqvist's previous books, Desert Divers and Exterminate All the Brutes exposed the depths of European imperialism and racism in Africa. In his new book, A History of Bombing, he scrutinizes the history of aerial bombing. From the dropping of the first ever bomb from an aeroplane—by the Italians on an oasis near Tripoli in 1911—through Guernica, Coventry, Dresden and Hiroshima, A History of Bombing examines the many ways in which aerial bombing has shaped our time. Granta deputy editor Sophie Harrison caught up with the author in London.